Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

on the visit to the Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia) and Administration of Irkutsk region (Russia)
of Suli-Zakar Istvan; Kozma Gabor; Molnar Erno; Penzes Janos; Radics Zsolt; Teperics Karoly; Erdelicsne Erzsebet (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

Tempus project IB_JEP-26079/2005
23 August – 29 August 2009

The main objects of the visit to the Baikal State University of  Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia) to Administration of Irkutsk region (Russia) was trainings delivered by Hungarian University staff arrived to help develop and deliver distance training courses.

Hungarian professors visited Baikal University to attend the dissemination seminar within the Tempus project framework. They were to provide Russian professors with advices on how to develop new training courses according to European standards. Hungarian partners checked the draft versions prepared by professors from BSUEL and made necessary comments and corrections.





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