Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

Books for seven courses developed during the project have been published in February, 2010. Each book includes a guide of distance training, detailed set of lectures, tests, case-studies.

List of the courses have been developed and published:

  1. Place Marketing (developed by Elena Bakhtairova)
  2. Tourism and Culture in Territorial Development (developed by Elena Bahtairova, Natalia Scherbakova, Maria Vihoreva, Victor Martynihin)
  3. Community Development (developed by Maria Vikhoreva)
  4. Organisation of Services (developed by Victor Martynihin)
  5. Human Resource Management in Public Service (developed by Larissa Sokolova)
  6. Finance Management (developed by Tatiana Sorokina)
  7. Urban Design (developed by Natalia Scherbakova)




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