Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

The Control Panel in Irkutsk, Russia, includes highly qualified specialists from the administration of municipalities and Irkutsk Regional Administration, such as:

  1. Syusin Yury, Mayor of Shelekhov municipal district, Head of Association of Municipalities of Irkutsk Region.
  2. Yan Fedor, Vice-Mayor of Irkutsk municipal district
  3. Dzyuba Valeria, Head of Department of Administration of Irkutsk municipal district
  4. Shchepina Svetlana, Vice-Mayor of Shelekhov municipal district
  5. Mitusov Valery, Head of Department of Irkutsk Regional Administration
  6. Romanova Larisa, Head of Department of Irkutsk Regional Administration
  7. Osipov Alexander, Head of Department of Irkutsk Regional Administration
  8. Tsvigun Irina, Deputy of Sity Council of Irkutsk Sity

The Control Panel members reviewing and evaluating results of the project such as:

  1. The quality of courses developed and trainings of trainers
  2. The quality of trainings of administrators from Siberian district municipalities
  3. The quality of trainings delivered to target group (municipal servants)
Members of the Control Panel worked with the books developed for each course, questionnaires filled out by the project participants, lists of participants and their evaluating in seminars and distance training sessions. Members of the Control Panel observed the web-site for distance-learning developed in the project.

The evaluation confirms that the purpose of the project is reached. The vocational distance training system for municipal servants have been developed and launched according to the EU rules.





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