Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

The face-to-face training for 32 municipal servants for 2 weeks have been delivered by Russian trainers who were trained in EU Universities/Institutions in February 2009

Intensive training courses for 32 municipal servants per year from distant Siberian municipal administrations delivered by EU trainers and Russian trainers who were trained in EU Universities/Institutions. This kind of training is aimed at testing newly developed training courses and getting a feed-back from trainees. Training cources was delivered in Faculty of Public Administration of Baikal State University of Economics and Law, Irkutsk, Russia.
Lectures was delivered by

  1. Bakhtairova Elena
  2. Sokolova Larisa
  3. Kolodina Elena
  4. Elkin Vladimir
  5. Nevzorova Ekaterina
  6. Vikhoreva Maria

Topics concidered during studying as follow:

  1. Property Management
  2. Agricultural Economics and Business
  3. Human Resource Management in Public Service
  4. Environment Management
  5. Municipal Management
  6. Strategic Planning of Territorial Development





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