Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

on the visit to the University of Paris-Sorbonne (France)
of Vladimir Elkin, Larisa Sokolova, Elena Kolodina, Elena Bakhtairova, Maria Vikhoreva, and Ekaterina Nevzorova, lecturers of Economics and Public Administration Department of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia) and interpreter Valentina Zykova.

Tempus project IB_JEP-26079/2005
20 Oct – 25 Oct 2008

The main object of their visit to the University of Paris-Sorbonne was to establish contacts with the lecturers and to collect the necessary information for creating of learning courses for municipal servants distance training.

The meetings and discussions were held with: Michel Carmona, director of Institute of Urbanism and Regional Planning of University of Paris-Sorbonne, Jean-Antoine Duprat, delegate of  National Cities-Net Club, Alain Bournazel, University of Paris-Sorbonne, Jean-Baptist Vaquin, directeur de l’Atelier parisien d’urbanisme, Pierre Mansat, Adjoint charge de "Paris metropole" et des relations avec les collectivites territoriales d'Ile-de-France, Veronique Avril, Secretariat General Delegation Generale a la Cooperation Territoriale, Jean Girardon, President de la Comission des Finances, President de la Communaute de Communes, “Autour du Mont-Saint-Vincent”, Maire de Mont-Saint-Vincent, Thierry Staron, general director of the Association of local governments of l’Ile-de-France region  (A.M.I.F.), Arnaud Montebourg, Depute de Saone-et-Loire President du Conceil general.

Gerard Poele, Jean-Baptist Vaquin, Jean-Antoine Duprat, Valentina Zykova, Elena Bakhtairova

Russian lecturers visited the new neighborhood of Tolbiac-Bercy a case study of planning of major infrastructures in the restructuring process of the city.

Vladimir Elkin, Jean-Baptist Vaquin, Larisa Sokolova

Vladimir Elkin, Ekaterina Nevzorova, Elena Kolodina, Larisa Sokolova, Elena Bakhtairova, Maria Vikhoreva

Ekaterina Nevzorova, Valentina Zykova, Michel Carmona

Russian trainers visited Maire de Mont-Saint-Vincent





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