Tempus JEP-26079-2005 project news:

on the visit to the University of Debrecen (Hungary)
of Vladimir Elkin, Larisa Sokolova, Elena Kolodina, Elena Bakhtairova, Maria Vikhoreva, and Ekaterina Nevzorova, lecturers of Economics and Public Administration Department of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia).

Tempus project IB_JEP-26079/2005
13 Oct 19 Oct 2008

The main object of their visit to University of Debrecen was to establish contacts with the lecturers and to collect the necessary information for creating learning courses for municipal servants distance training.

The meetings and discussions were held with: Suli-Zakar Istvan, Head of Departament of Social Geography and Regional Development Planning of Debrecen University, Szabo Gyula, Project Manager, research fellow of Centre for regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, lecturers: Zsolt Radics, Szabo Gyordy, Molnar Erno, Teperics Karoly, Kozma Gabor.

Topics of the second project year are as follow:

  1. Strategic Planning of Territorial Development
  2. Environment Management
  3. Agricultural Economics and Business
  4. Human Resource Management in Public Service
  5. Property Management
  6. Municipal Management

Ekaterina Nevzorova, Viktor Csajkovics, Istvan Suli-Zakar.

Ekaterina Nevzorova, Maria Vikhoreva, Viktor Csajkovics, Zsolt Radics.

Russian professors had visited the library looking through the books and e-sources in order to develop the curriculum.





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