6. Sustainability of project results will be provided by establishment equipped workstations for distance training in the Center of Vocational Training of Civil Servants of BSUEL and in distant municipal administrations by December 2009 to promote an effective interaction and a high quality of training to wider set of Siberian municipalities.

There are planned the following for this purpose:

  • to equipe the office with copying machine, videoconferencing equipment, CD-recordable and rewritavle computer peripherals, TVsets and videotape recorder, videocourses, videopresentations, books and documentation base. It will continue to function after the end of the project.
  • to form an e-library for municipal servants. It is a growing collection of self-contained training packages. Those packages include video clips, handbooks and references for further study.
  • to equipe 50 workstations in distant municipal administrations per year with audio- and videoconferencing equipment and with software needed to help them to launch a process of in-service training (150 workstations in municipal administrations for 3 years in total).

For this purpose it is required to equip them with computers and modems (as needed) and simplest audio- and videoconferencing tools (sound blasters, CD-R drivers, stereo speakers and web-cameras) and with a proper software. Regional Administration is expected to buy this equipment for municipal administrations. A videoconferencing equipment is considered as a crucial factor in delivering of distance training courses because there is a strong need in organising the effective interaction, control and evaluation process on-line to evaluate trainees' achievements and to check the actual use of training materials.





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