Development of distance training courses:

1. Development of new distance training courses according to European standards in the sphere of Territorial Development by December 2009.

1st year

  • Urban Development
  • Information Technology in Public Administration
  • Rural Development
  • Civil Service Management
  • Housing Management
  • Transportation Development

2nd year

  • Urban Design
  • Property Management
  • Agricultural Economics and Business
  • Human Resource Management in Public Service
  • Environment Management
  • Municipal Management

3rd year

  • Community Development
  • Place Marketing
  • Strategic Planning of Territorial Development
  • Tourism and Culture in Territorial Development
  • Organisation of Services
  • Finance Management

For this purpose there are planned:

  • to organise visits of Russian trainers from the Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia) to EU Universities/Institutions to study present courses, teaching materials, contemporary instructional, delivery, communication and evaluation methods of distance learning and training.
    The BSUEL will send 6 trainers per year to EU Universities/Institutions for 2 weeks. In total 18 trainers from Russian University for 3 years.
  • to develop new training materials for each new course and methods of instruction and evaluation with the help of the EU Universities/Institutions staff.
    The following training materials will be developed in print and non-print form for each new course: syllabus, a textbook, a book of tests, case-studies, a book of course assignments, slides, films, videotapes and real-time moving images.

For creating and developing new distance courses according to European standards it is necessary to develop the facilities. It is planned to equip the Center with a printer and a copying machine, c olour scanner, digital plotting board, software and video tools for developing and working out the materials for new distance courses. It is also planned to purchase videotapes, books and periodicals. It is also supposed to purchase a special system STELLUS™. It is a web technology-based modular software system that has full functionality and its designed to support open learning. STELLUS has been registered with the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. STELLUS™ -based solutions are delivered and supported through: a software system, communication channels or local network, commensurable with the Work Team scale, trained staff (training of two persons is part of the terms and conditions of the product delivery), training materials database and a set of the appropriate reporting forms.

STELLUS™ includes the modules that allow the development of courses and tests, curricula planning, and learning process management; as well as system administration.

Newly developed courses are to be tested first in face-to-face trainings for their further implementation into the distance training process by 18 trainers of BSUEL.

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