Training of trainers:

2. Highly qualified trainers from the Baikal State University of Economics and Law enabled to plan and organise distance vocational training, prepare presentations of distance insrtuction, develop new training materials and deliver distance training for municipal servants will be trained by December 2009.

For this purpose there are planned:

  • to organise study tours for 6 Russian trainers from the Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia) to EU Universities/Institutions to be trained on specific pedagogical matters namely “how to develop computer-assisted instructional materials (CAI)” and “how to deliver distance training” each project year (18 in total). During study tours participants will get acquainted with the system of training civil servants in Europe (French and Hungarian experience). They will also visit the Association of Mayors (France) to see how the training process is organised on the other part.

The BSUEL will send 6 trainers per year to EU Universities/Institutions for 2 weeks. In total 18 trainers from Russian University for 3 years.

Their qualification will be recognized by the BSUEL officials and the periods of their retraining abroad wil be recognized as their qualification level raising. Having received a high appreciation highly qualified trainers will deliver intensive courses for other teachers of the same speciality.

  • to organise intensive trainings delivered by an EU Universities/Institutions staff arrived to help develop and deliver distance training courses;

It is planned to hold 1 training of 1 week duration each project year for 6 trainers and 6 assistants from BSUEL. In total 18 trainers and 18 assistants for three years (21 EU trainers for 3 years in total)..

These two above mentioned activities will be conducted by 18 trainers from BSUEL. That is: 6 new courses will be created and developed per year ( 18 in total for three years) by 18 teaching staffs.

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